Feed Your Miner

Artwork by Caitlyn Mello


Feed Your Miner showcases original artwork created by Caitlyn Mello. Caitlyn is a self-taught artist, currently residing in Maine, USA. Always creating but never sharing, she decided to take a leap. In 2014, she began entering her work into local art shows, and hasn’t looked back since. She gravitates towards an array of mixed mediums, such as, oil, acrylic, pen and ink, ¬†colored pencil… the list goes on. Contrasting abstract and detail, she combines two or more mediums to create one, solid piece. Caitlyn finds inspiration in the natural world, and her own life experiences. Passionate about using her artwork to make¬†a global positive impact, Caitlyn donates 10% of every sale to the Bitgive Foundation.


For commissions or inquiry contact: caitlyn.mello@gmail.com


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